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Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Grey (360 degree BLOOMWASH PRO 7.5 10YMW)



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Product DescriptionWashing clothes will no longer seem like a time-consuming task when you bring home the Whirlpool 360-degree Bloomwash top load wash..

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Product Description
Washing clothes will no longer seem like a time-consuming task when you bring home the Whirlpool 360-degree Bloomwash top load washing machine. It comes with a host of power-packed features such as the Hexa Bloom Impeller for efficient motion. It is also designed with a Soft Close Lid, thereby making it a user-friendly appliance.
A Convenient Design

This washing machine, with a capacity of 7.5 kg, has a wide, one piece glass lid which makes it more convenient to open it and access the drum.

Great Cleaning Performance

It removes up to 40 tough stains, thereby paving the way for clean and efficient washing.

Hexa Bloom Impeller

This washing machine's Hexa Bloom Impeller has 6 vanes that move the clothes in a unique 360-degree blooming wash motion. This motion rubs the clothes against each other, thereby reducing fabric abrasion.

Soft Close Lid

The lid of this washing machine utilizes the hydraulic mechanism for closing and opening, thereby preventing the lid from being damaged.

Hard Water Wash

This intelligent mechanism ensures that the machine program adapts itself to hard water, thereby paving the way for improved performance.

Catalytic Soak

It soaks clothes in concentrated detergent water to ease the dirt before the agitation. It also utilizes only about 1/3rd the amount of water and creates a high concentration of detergent.

Power Dry

It comes with four unique levels of drying for different types of clothes, thereby paving the way for better drying results.

Smart Sensors

It automatically senses any fluctuations in the voltage and weather conditions. Once the condition is normal again, it resumes the cycle from where it stopped, without any intervention.

Smart Detergent Dosage

It senses the load inside the tub and suggests a dosage accordingly for optimal washing.

Function Type Fully Automatic Top Load
Model Name 360 degree BLOOMWASH PRO 7.5
Technology 360 Degree Bloomwash Technology with Hexa Bloom Impeller
Washing Method Hexa Bloom Impeller Wash
Technical Information
Capacity 7.5 kg
Physical Design
Spin Speed 740 rpm

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